Here is the explanation for the symbols on the newly approved coat-of-arms. I will endeavor to extrapolate a tidbit...

Supporting the shield on the left is lion rampant signifying our Scottish lineage, it is supported on the right by an Irish wolfhound for Ireland, the crest atop helmet is fist holding dagger which signifies willingness to defend our family, clan, and country, there is also a potato vine twined around the crest to signify an agricultural link as we were originally a farming people. The motto at the top is Deus Familia Gens which is Latin for God Family Country. The literal translation is Deus = God; Familia = Family; and Gens = Clan, Tribe, Nation, People. The emblems on the shield are: on the upper right third (while looking at it) the "red hand of Ulster" which we find on the Ulster Provincial flag of and on the official Coat-of-Arms for Northern Ireland it is one of the oldest symbols from that old province of Ireland : the upper left third is a Saltire or the "Cross of St Andrew" which signifies Scots + Christian : the bottom third is a salmon which stands for the long journey that many of our family members have made to new lands. Draped over the shield is a cloak worn by the fhilidh of old it is scarlet with bright yellow feathers to signify our earliest Gaelic origins. This Meneely Coat-of-Arms was designed by Sam Meneely, Isle of Lewis, Scotland it was commissioned by the Clan Committee and unanimously approved for our official use on February 6, 2005 and is now our standard of record.

Slainte, Vence


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