Below are the Links to all Newsletters sent out by Vence Meneely.  A brief description of each newsletter this page.  The newsletters are long and more detailed so we encourage you to read each one. Print them and share them with all your family members.


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August 03, 2004  - Who are we? Are we all relate? Let's get it together and find out. Meneely Clan application submitted to  The Clans of Ireland. Clan committee volunteers needed. Coming Soon: Meneely Clan web site.

September 05, 2004 - Clan Committee members announced. Brief introductions of them. to host Clan web site. Reunion 2012 planned. Current Meneely's in the Military and in Iraq. Contribute your stories.  Coming Soon: Biographies.

October 22, 2004 - Thank you for your time. Meneely Clan application approved by The Clans of Ireland. Clan Committee Biographies. Meneely in Iraq update. Share the Newsletters with everyone!

December 14, 2004 - 120 households on newsletter mailing list. Meneely history. Meneely Reunion update.  Are we Irish or Ulster-Scots?  Differences in Spelling. Coming Soon: Individual family histories.



 January 19, 2005 - Web Site is up and running. Meneely Bells around the country rang in honor of Andrew Meneely. Meneely's in the Military.  Coming Soon: Crest and  Coat of Arms

March 09, 2005 - Special Thanks. Web site issues. Meneely St. sign in Indiana. Research discrepancies. John Meneely research. Meneely name origins.  Meneely music - Grand Time Coming.   NEW Meneely Clan coat of arms

May 26, 2005 - Newest Meneely in the Clan. Valor nomination for Cprl. David Travis Meneely Clan losses. Hillbilly and Redneck definitions. Clan invitation to Swamp Celts Festival and Highland Games in Louisiana April 2006. Family Coat of Arms t-shirts and patches information. Help needed for UK - USA immigration.



July 14' 2006 - T-Shirt Issues. Meneely Research. Andrew Meneely birth certificate. Reunion Information. Where is Sam? Submit you family tree information. Corporal David Travis Meneely receives HONOR. Picture of Corporal David Travis Meneely.



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2004 AUG 03 2004 SEPT 05 2004 OCT 22 2004 DEC 14 2005 JAN 19 2005 MAR 09 2005 May 26 2006 JULY 14

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